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Licensing for School Use

  • Do individuals have to pay to use this website?
  • Not presently, but we'll soon convert to a paid member-viewing format to support future productions.

  • What's licensing about?
  • Schools license our programs for use in classrooms or other group use.

  • How does your licensing work?
  • We offer perpetual (lifetime) licenses to public and private schools for the 21 topical programs included in our "Grand Erie Canal - The Classroom Collection" DVD according to the pricing and terms found in our Erie Canal Videos License Pricing & Agreement

  • May we separate or edit the programs for our purposes?
  • Individual programs may be separated, rearranged and included in other school productions provided the content of each program is not modified, and that our identifying information is not removed.

  • Didn't find your answer above?
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Rates & Terms

Streaming Erie Canal videos for classroom use The 21 video clips included in our Grand Erie Canal Classroom Collection can be purchased from Amazon for personal home use for $24.95.  The same DVD can be purchased by public or private school districts directly from us with a perpetual (lifetime) license for $99.00 per school DISTRICT (*for most districts: See pricing and license details ). 

Educational cooperatives and state DOE's:  Inquire for special bulk pricing for all schools in your jurisdiction.  License terms subject to change at any time.  Prior sales for fixed terms have been automatically upgraded to perpetual status.  Licenses apply to the current content of the "Grand Erie Canal - The Classroom Collection" DVD only, and other programming may be made available in the future as separate offerings.